I didn't know if I should have filed this post under wellness or travel. I am dedicating it to my bff Parker who keeps me well. I truly believe we were meant to be together. She has brought a lightness to my life that I never knew I needed. She demands my authentic self and in turn it has helped me to figure out who I am and what I want.  Hey everybody, come see how much  fun we have together. 

Travel Portland


Having never spent ample time in Portland, but already knowing that I freakin' loved it, our trip to visit our best friends in their new home was everything and more. 

To Do: 

Have a picnic in a park. Any park. (seriously the parks in Portland are magical as fu#%k.) 

Go to brunch at Broder. You will wait for a table and you will like it, (order a bloody mary and wait outside)  

Go to a show at Mississippi Studios. We happened to catch King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard

Visit the Kombucha speakeasy. Take off your shoes, fill your mason jar with whatever is on tap. Don't forget to add in some colloidal silver, and grab a floor pillow to chill on. It's a speakeasy, I won't tell you where it is but I have faith that you can find it, its meant to stay secret.  

Order a Mai Tai at Barlow. Get ready for a fun surprise. 

Grab ice cream at Salt and Straw

Take  pictures in the photo booth at Aalto Lounge. That background though!

Next Time: 

Hike. So many amazing trails to choose from.

Dip in the Kennedy School hot pool.

Explore the coffee scene.

Take an arts + crafts class, they are everywhere! 

So many more adventures ahead.