I am from Deutschland. Deep roots within the east and more recently in Munich. My entire extended family lives and breathes the Bayern air. This trip to visit was different because I did not set any expectations, I allowed myself to fully go with the flow. We all want that element of control when we travel but sometimes letting it be free flowing is your best bet. I knew that with a group of people meeting up, family dynamics and birthday weirdness, I had to let it all go. Well guess what, we ended up having the best of times. 

We stayed in Dachau in my Uncles flat, just a mile walk and a 10 minute train ride away from downtown Munich. This was a good home for the 7 days we stayed. 

  • It's not every day you turn 30. It's not every day you turn 30 at Oktoberfest in Munich. I did both. *claps hands* I swear I have the best family and friends in the world. A lot of them showed up for this occasion and we partied like it was 1986 #birthyear. 


  • Best times to arrive for a table, 10am or 2pm. 
  • Sit anywhere. If there is an empty spot or not, ask people to scoot, they will! 
  • Bring Euros and tip nicely! $1 Euro per stein 
  • Order food. Seriously, you will need it. 
  • The servers will bring you food and beer, they are on top of it. 
  • Walk around. Lots to see at Oktoberfest. 
  • Make new friends. Whoever you sit with is now your new best friend. 
  • Tip at the bathroom. The reason that the line moves fast and it is never messy is because hardworking women and men are attending to it. TIP THEM! 
  • Bring an external phone charger. Don't be me. Don't let your phone die and get lost. 
  • Have a blast. 

Most of these photos are of me. Sorry not sorry, it was MY Birthday. 

Starnberg See and Family Time: 

  • Take the train to Starnberg See from Munich.
  • Walk around the town and go into any chocolate shop you see. 
  • Eat Oma's variety of cakes. 
  • Raid Oma's pantry and bring home marmalade. 
  • Hug Opa as many times as possible. 


  • Take the train from Munich but be sure to check the route. We had to take a bus from the train station 30 minutes from Berchtesgaden.
  • Meet your best friend at his hostel- Mike, you rule. 
  • Take a boat tour and pay for the whole extended ride. You have to see both lake's. 
  • Do a hike around the lake. 
  • Grab beers from a shop to take with you. 
  • Go inside the yellow chapel- heaven.