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"Dirty" South


"Dirty" South

The beauty of having long distance friendships is getting to visit those friends in awesome places! Evan and I planned a tour of the South which included visiting a handful of our closest friends who all happen to live in neighboring states. How awesome is that?!

Our tour looked like this: 

Lexington, Kentucky/ Sunday-Wednesday

Nashville, Tennessee/ Wednesday-Friday

Marietta, Georgia/ Friday-Sunday

If there is one thing I am good at, its planning. More so, creating itineraries that really milk every last detail, (I do it for a living.) Seven days sounds long, but when you are crossing three states you really need people who know the best things to do. 

My friends are hip, cultured and love all the same things that Evan and I do. Between beautiful yoga classes, breweries, bourbon trails, farm to table food, live music, boot shopping, historical sites, stunning views and A WEDDING, we were set.

KENTUCKY = Home of my Britt  

Must Do: (Click the links) 

  1. Makers Mark Tour (Its Bourbon, not Whiskey)
  2. Dinner at Village Idiot
  3. Yoga at Solid Roots
  4. Beers at Country Boy Brewery
  5. Buy a UK souvenir (because Drake says so) 

Next Time: 

  1. Breeders Cup 
  2. Bulleit Distillery 


Must Do: (Click the links) 

  1. Take a Picture in front of the "I Believe in Nashville" mural
  2. Have dinner and bowl at Pinewood Social Club
  3. Shop vintage
  4.  Bar Hopping on the Broadway strip (Tootsies for the view)
  5. Brunch at Biscuit Love

Next time: 

  1. Southern mansion tour 
  2. Be an extra in whatever is being filmed there 
  3. Grand Old Opry
  4. Eat more biscuits and gravy  

Marietta = Marriedetta

To Do: (Click the links) 

  1. Stroll around Marietta Square
  2. Order nachos at Taqueria Tsunami
  3. Stay at the Hilton, Marietta
  4. Watch your friends get married

Next time: 

Spend more time in Atlanta! We went to the Martin Luther King museum which was incredible. 

I could not have asked for a better trip. I kept saying throughout my time there, "I am so fortunate to be traveling right now, and even luckier that my friends are with me." 

Suggestions for next time? Post in comments.