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Portofino//Engagement by the Sea


Portofino//Engagement by the Sea

My husband picked the most amazing place to propose to me, like ever. 

Portofino, Italy was one of those places I saw in the movies or on some famous person's social media feed, a total dream. 

After driving from Germany to Italy, we ended up in the cutest Bed & Breakfast amidst a luscious wall of fragrant grapes and church bells that rang every hour. We knew nothing about where we were and I think that made it even better. No expectations, just constantly seeing beauty from one angle to the next.

One huge tip: You have to drive off the coast of Italy. If not, you aren't going to see everything you want. Let me just say though, driving in Italy is CRAY. Like we seriously has our lives flash before our eyes, multiple times. Thank god for Evan, he drove the entire time. Make sure you pack your own personal Steve McQueen. 



I had a whole outfit picked out for our day trip to Portofino. I visualized myself in the 1950's, yachting on the Mediterranean Ocean. All I can do is pat myself on the back because unbeknownst to me, my lover would go down on bend and knee. 

We hiked up to Castle Brown, an old royal home converted to a military lookout during WWII. 

The poor guy was sweating so much that day and abnormally quiet.  In my head I was like "what the heck, how does this guy have nothing to day about this scenery?!" He was actually just scoping out the perfect place to propose. 

God bless Evan. 

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