Although I have done hundreds of corporate events as an employee at a tech company, I recently did my first one as Silicon + Sea. Together with the party host, we picked a theme that would be fun, likable and easy to get into costume for. I introduce to you - Science Fiction/ Fantasy Summer Soiree! 

I won't lie, my least favorite types of books and movies are sci-fi and fantasy, (Harry Potter is the exception) so I had to do my research (thanks Pinterest!) After a few hours of "how the hell am I going to pull this off," I actually got excited for the endless opportunities these themes presented for decor. I relied on a few vendors to help me pull of the futuristic fairyland

After eating from the mac and cheese bar, dancing with the Elena Cruz to the dj stylings of Monique Coquilla, watching a custom movie reel, drinking from our themed bar menu;  everyone ended the night in the pool with a live mermaid.  Click through the pictures for some fun! 

Guess what I was?