As a "twenty-something" newly married person, I don't have much in the way of holiday decor. I pulled down one box on December 1st and all that was in it were ornaments, ones given to my husband and I from our childhood. It was time to feel like and adult with real holiday decor that will grow over the years. By December 5th, my entire house was decorated, head to toe for under $100. Luckily, my house is small. 

First off, think of colors that you love and don't mind seeing year after year. For me these are gold and silver. They are chic, shiny, and scream holiday glamour. I'm not super traditional so the less red and green for me, the better. 

Next, think of a few words that you want people to think of when they walk into your house. Mine were, cozy, woodsy, chic. I immediately knew I needed to find mixed materials including wood. Cost Plus was my meca, here is what I came up with: 

Glitter paper trees, I covered mine in LED lights.

"Oh Deer Sign" 

Available at Target in the $1 bins!! In stores only along with a adorable banners and ornaments!

These were just a few of the pieces I added to my collection. Along with this; a golden burlap tree skirt, a ton of scented candles and beaded garlands from Crate and Barrel. Look around and stick to your theme. In order to keep it classy, less is more. Happy Holidays, hotties!