I am a sucker for a great centerpiece. When planning events, it's a detail that can sometimes be overlooked. The budget gets tight and it is usually the first thing to be compromised. I know this because I dealt with it when planning my own wedding. 

I wanted our dinner time to feel special, intimate, gorgeous. I had very little money to spend on making this atmosphere so I got thrifty. 

Pick out a color scheme and concept that makes sense to you as a couple. For me it was simple, elegant, sexy. Simple was stated through live green moss I purchased from a florist. Elegant came through the gold table cloths we rented and the brass/ gold candelabras I thrifted from the Goodwill. Sexy was shown through the massive amounts of candles we lit at dusk. I pulled it off for under $200 and we had 10 tables. 

from my wedding! 

from my wedding! 

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need elaborate, over the top, TALL, centerpieces. In fact, this becomes a blocker from mingling with other people at your table and your view of the bride and groom. Good news for budget babes like us. 

My tips: 

  • THRIFT! Goodwill is your new best friend. People drop off sets of matching pieces like vases, votives, even brand new candles. 
  • If flowers are a must have for you, seek out local flower markets and ask your wedding coordinator or planner to assist with displaying them. 
  • Succulents! I used these to fill in my tables along with the moss. They are extremely cost effective. Look up local nurseries or succulents dealers. 
  • Candles. Buy in bulk on sites like Amazon, or even Ikea! 
  • Lines. ARE EXPENSIVE. I was lucky enough to have a hookup but I know most people don't have that luxury. Depending on the tables you are using, you may not even need them. If you do, consider thrifting them, looking on Esty or if you have any talented friends, consider a fabric store. For an eclectic look, consider mixing and matching. 

Tablescapes I Love. 

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