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Silicon + Sea                                                                                           Launch Party

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Silicon + Sea Launch Party

When I started this business I never officially rang it in with a celebration. Life/events got busy and I didn't take time to plan my own! I had been coordinating with the amazingly talented Carlie Statsky to take some professional head shots of me and maybe some styled pieces. We got a date on the calendar and that's when it hit me. I'm going to style something, I'm going to put on a cute outfit... let's have a party! 


I reached out to some beloved vendors for assistance and they all pulled through in a major way, drumroll please......

Thank you to all of these fabulous people. I feel fortunate to know and work with you, #ittakesavillage

My best friends rolled into town and labored for an evening, getting everything up into my mom's beautiful tree house. My other set of bff's worked their butts off getting it all back down.

My husband took me to and fro and helped with every detail along the way, BLESS HIM. Evan is the other half of Silicon + Sea, behind the scenes status, setting things up and putting out fires when needed. 

It was the most perfect evening, filled with family, best friends, clients (who are friends), good food, great music, FUN FUN FUN!

When going through the Bright Event Rental catalog I really wanted to pick pieces that represented my overall style but would also sync up with my mom's treehouse aesthetic. I give you-  nature inspired, boho-industrial. 

Let's take a moment for the best dog ever. When Carlie arrived to photograph pre-event, he was so exited that wagged his tail so hard it split open. Blood everywhere, including Carlie's white pants, (I'M STILL SO SORRY CARLIE!!) We quickly fixed up his tail with medical tape and he acted as though nothing even happened. 

What is Silicon + Sea? Great question, here is what I see it as: 

We are a lifestyle brand  that specializes in big celebrations. We are doing the work to put love on the forefront of everything we create. We bring people together in any way you deem necessary. We live authentically and speak our truth while always leaving room for growth. We don't idolize money or pre-conceived notions on what things "should be" or what things "should look like." We respect your vision and hope to bring a piece of our own to your event. We love life, we love different, we love YOU. 



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