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Why You Need Engagement Photos


Why You Need Engagement Photos

Being engaged were some of the most exciting times in my life. The world knows you are in love in a whole new way. No more boyfriend. This dude wants to marry me, and me, him. 

Photos are the way to exhibit such love. You don't have to break your bank to make it happen. Contract a professional for an hour or less to shoot you in a spot that makes sense to your personalities. You may even know an awesome friend who would be willing to help.

This is the perfect time to wear what you want. This isn't your wedding day. Let these photos be fun, informal, exciting! 

Here is what came about for us, after one hour behind the lens, just outside of downtown Willow Glen, CA. 

Photos by Encarnacion Photography. 

These photos are also a great way to extend your time of being engaged. It gives people a sneak peak of what is to come.  "Yes, we are planning our damn wedding, give us a second."

Use these photos for your "save the dates," Christmas cards, whatever! 

You do you.